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Once upon a time...

In the summer of 2010 two singers meet in the mountains of Bulgaria and start collecting polyphonic folk songs. On the train between Bukarest and Istanbul it is decided that a new band shall be formed.

They start with voices, guitar and accordion, and soon are joined by percussion, bass and violin.

Together they enchant their audience with the harmonic dissonances of beautiful Eastern European melodies, which inspire both dancing and dreaming.

The repertoire is based on folk songs of regions stretching from Poland, through the Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, the Balkans and Turkey, reaching as far as Georgia. The songs are arranged by the band with elements of Chanson, Funk, Reggae and Ska.

Their music grows and grooves, but never loses the special intertwining of the two, sometimes three voices.

Emma Greenfield Photo

Emma Greenfield

Emma’s longterm love affair with folk music began at her roots in the North of England. There she developed her own distinct sound and performed with many different folk groups. Her heart wandered further East with the Georgian choir «Samzeo» and finally found a home in Tralalka. Since then she has been living and growing in Berlin. When she is not on tour with Dear Reader, Wallis Bird, or composing and performing with her project «Traded Pilots».

Petra Nachtmanova Photo

Petra Nachtmanova

Petra is a Polish-Czech-Austrian living in Berlin since 2008. Integration is her hobby. And so her musical paths have led her through Renaissance and Baroque music in England, Bulgarian Polyphonic choirs, Chinese Pop Idol, to Turkish folk music in Istanbul, which she sings and plays on the Saz.

Moss Beynon Juckes Photo

Moss Beynon Juckes

Moss is a Performer and Musician born in Sydney and raised in the U.K. Moss works with voice and movement in multidisciplinary performance projects, workshops, residencies and community projects. She searches for a harmony between tradition and radical forms. She plays violin, bottles and sings with Tralalka.

Bruno Q. Photo

Bruno Q.

Born in the French Normandie, Bruno has lived and performed in Berlin since 2003. His earlier styles include Ska, Reggae, Chanson. In the band he not only plays guitar, but also keeps order and harmony. This powerful man rips at least one string per solo and his voice can be heard in Poland when Tralaka plays in Berlin.

Sven Bohling Photo

Sven Bohling

Sven was born in Bratislava, but raised in the North of Germany. He wasted his youth hanging out in the Hiphop clubs of Bremen, studied Politics, then stopped in order to dedicate himself fully to music. Now, hugging his accordion, he has coffee with a befriended goat in Leipzig every morning.

Balcan Photo


Born and raised in Vienna, he became interested in music from a very early age. He studied percussion for two years at the Conservatoire in Vienna. In 2008 Balcan moved to Berlin dedicating his life to Mathematics, Classical Arabic percussion and of course Tralalka.

Wukasch Ök-Güller Photo

Wukasch Ök-Güller

A real Berliner architect, graphic designer and passionate musician (Piano, Bass guitar), Wukasch played bass in many bands and was one of the founders of the Berliner band Ratatöska. Since 2010 he plays Bass guitar in Tralalka.

Stephan Talneau Photo

Stephan Talneau

As a filmmaker, he has always been involved in the space between image and sound. Since 2006, he has developed projects as a director in parallel with his work as a film-editor. His debut music video Back and forth was selected to feature on the BBC Film Network website and in 2007, his first Berlin project, "Jump from a platform", was also featured by the BBC Film Network and screened in Berlin, Paris and Jerusalem. Since 2007, he has progressively integrated the Berlin music and art scene through working directly with artists, and has created the documentary series Berliner Moment.